Brent Leroy
Brent Leroy
Biographical information
Born November 6, 1968
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Skin colour Light
Family information

Emma Leroy


Oscar Leroy

Brent Herbert Leroy is the comic book-reading, sarcastic proprietor of Corner Gas. He is almost always good-natured, but has a tendency to fixate on minor details. He is a fan of adventure fiction such as The Saint in New York and The Executioner. He also enjoys reading comic books. His favourite food is chili cheese dogs, to the point where he can identify the individual ingredients by taste. Brent is adept at many sports, such as curling, baseball, hockey and golf. He and Hank Yarbo have been best friends since childhood, and Brent can name multiple instances of Hank's stupidity. As of the Season 5 finale, Brent is 40 years old. Brent is said to be the hottest guy in Dog River, although other characters on the show acknowledge this is faint praise. He is also the Dog River Table Hockey Champion using a "dump it into the corners" style of play. It is implied that he and Lacey Burrows have feelings for one another, but they are never fully acted upon in the series; however, in Corner Gas: The Movie, it's revealed that a couple of years after the series' end (but before the movie takes place), Brent and Lacey are indeed a couple.