Corner Gas (station) is the "family buisness" of the Leroys. Oscar's father probably ran the station for a while before passing it on to Oscar who ran it when he was about the same age as Brent, and Brent owned it before Ruby Reborn was created as the first episode of Corner Gas and ran it after the final episode of the Corner Gas series.


Corner gas became more like a corner store when Brent took it over, and Oscar believes his son has ruined it by making it a "family funpark". Oscar is reluctant to have things changed at the station, and even though he is retired, he still fells he owns the store. Oscar says in the movie Brent's great uncle won Corner Gas in a card game, and that it used to be a bakery.


  • Possibly Oscars great grandfather/Brent's great great grandfather (Derick Leroy)
  • Possibly Oscar's grandfather/Brent's great grandfather (Harvy Leroy)
  • Oscar's father/Brent's grandfather (Donald Leroy)
  • Brent's Great Uncle
  • Oscar Leroy
  • Brent Herbert Leroy

Other StaffEdit

Wanda Dollard worked at Corner Gas as Brent's single staff member. Oscar perhaps had an assistant, but he or she may have quit, not wishing to work for someone like Oscar. If this fact is true, Oscar couldn't find another person to hire, as no one would want to work for him. The other owners could have had other staff working for them, or they may have just done the work themself.