Davis Quinton
Sergeant Davis Quinton (Lorne Cardinal) is the overly-sensitive senior police officer in Dog River, who has a habit of misspending the police budget and making up the laws as he goes along (he's never actually read the police manual). Due to the town's location and small population, there isn't much policing to be done. This leaves him and Karen Pelly (the only other officer in town) with a lot of down time. They usually track sparrows with the radar gun or hide behind "The Surveillance Bush" to catch speeders in between cups of coffee. 

He is obsessed with Cosmopolitan Magazine, retro-TV and classic cartoon shows; and is a science fiction aficionado. He believes that the original Battlestar Galactica may have really happened. His catch phrase is an enthusiastic "All right!". He once competed in rhythmic gymnastics; he also has a collection of the original Hardy Boys books. Davis was once married, but is now divorced. His mother left him when he was only a baby to join a band. For a long time he thought their cleaning lady was his mom. In the episode named 'I Love Lacey', Davis reveals himself to be a member of the Cree Nation.  Also, he lost his sense of smell at the age of nine, but got it back in the second season.

He also enjoys playing the card game Bridge, which he sometimes does a column for in the town's newspaper, The Dog River Howler.

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