Emma Leroy
Emma Leroy
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First Appearance
Ruby Reborn
Last Appearance
You've Been Great, Goodnight
Oscar Leroy (Husband) Brent Leroy (Son)
Portrayed By
Janet Wright (deceased Nov 14,2016)
Corrine Koslo (animated)

Emma Leroy is Brent's mother, and the brains and muscle of the family. She and Oscar squabble constantly and she usually ends up having to deal with the fallout from his actions, which she usually makes worse. Though he embarrasses and annoys her, she does truly love him. She has also found it hard to "let go" of Brent, and reacts badly when someone else appears to replace her in some aspect of his life .  After the end of the series, she remained married to Oscar, despite doctor's orders.


  • Her main hobbies are knitting, crocheting and gardening and she is active in many of the town's committees.
  • Emma has also been shown to possess great strength (being able to hurl a cinder block at a skunk across the yard with little effort), and other characters often seek her advice.
  • She has a quick-tempered, cunning and domineering personality
  • Janet Wright, who played Emma, passed away on November 14, 2016.
  • For the Corner Gas animated series, Corrine Koslo will provide the voice of Emma.