"Grad '68"
Season 1
Episode 5
Air Date February 18, 2004
Directed By Rob W. King
Written By Mark Farrell & Paul Mather
Episode Guide

"Oh Baby!"


"World's Biggest Thing"

"Grad '68" is the fifth episode of the 1st Season of the series.


A poorly spray-painted "Grad 68" on the Dog River water tower has been an eyesore for years. But when rookie cop Karen makes it her mission to crack the graffiti cold case, she finds many of the locals united in a mysterious conspiracy of silence. Meanwhile, Brent throws Dog River into chaos when he tries to end the confusion over the gas station's new bathroom signs. And when Lacey's column is rejected by the town newspaper, she becomes desperate to be published, especially after hearing the paper usually takes anyone.


Guest StarsEdit

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