Hank Yarbo
Hank Yarbo
Biographical information
Full Name Richard Henry "Hank" Yarbo
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye colour Brown?
Ethnicity Caucasian

Richard Henry "Hank" Yarbo (Fred Ewanuick) is Brent’s perpetually unemployed best friend and most likely candidate for Dog River’s village idiot. He often hangs out at Corner Gas talking to Brent about whatever is on his mind. He constantly borrows money from other characters and rarely pays them back, nor does he pay his tab at The Ruby, and is always wearing a hat because of perpetual bad hair days; also, his hat repels mosquitoes as is revealed in season 2. He is a small sort of fellow, considering he can fit into a "Kung-Fu Johnny" T-shirt that Brent wore in grade 5. Hank has worked a range of jobs, from census worker to crossing guard to city accountant, never being able to hold down or stay focused in one for long. He expressed a goal of working as a rodeo clown. His mother lives in Saskatoon, and his favourite foods are grape Pop Rocks and pickles, (despite accidentally choking on the same pickle twice). He is shown to have a lot of interest in the CFL, most notably the Roughriders, Saskatchewan's football team. In a Christmas-themed episode, it is revealed that as a hockey fan, he likes the Vancouver Canucks. Despite his village idiot routine, Hank actually has experience in many physical and maintenance activities, including auto mechanics, gardening, knitting, woodworking and plumbing, making him something of a jack-of-all-trades. He is also an expert pool player. Brent won a Darryl Sittler hockey card from Hank in a game of knuckles, a game at which Hank is poor.


  • In Hook, Line and Sinker, Karen and Hank go on an annual fishing trip. Davis was unable to attend as he had an appointment with an aroma-therapist. Whilst on the fishing trip Hank seduces Karen with "Sexy Fish Talk". (Hank tends to wax poetic when he goes fishing.) Once back from the trip, Karen tells Wanda and several others, that she did not sleep with Hank. Hank is embarrassed by this and tells Karen to "stop bragging".
  • It's implied that Hank is the father of Wanda's son, Tanner. When Lacey approaches Wanda about this, Wanda tries to laugh it off but doesn't outright deny it.