Lacey Burrows
Lacey Burrows
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First Appearance
Ruby Reborn
Last Appearance
You've Been Great, Goodnight
Aunt Ruby (Deceased)
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Lacey Burrows took over the previously unnamed coffee shop in Dog River after the death of her aunt and renamed it in her honour, calling it The Ruby. Originally from Toronto, Ontario. She is perpetually trying to fit into small-town life, with mixed, but usually disastrous, results. After the end of the series, she opened a second Ruby in Wullerton, but it was quickly shut down by local health inspectors.


  • Considers herself a sweetheart and secretly believes that she alone of the town's women deserves the "Woman of Distinction" award (which she eventually wins).
  • Coached Dog River's hockey team, the Dog River Riverdogs.
  • She is a terrible liar, quick to jump to conclusions, a poor winner, thinks everybody has a crush on her, and is not the best at mathematics. 
  • Lacey frequently exhibits insecurity and regret about the path her life has taken
  • It is implied that she and Brent Leroy have feelings for one another, although neither will admit or act upon them. (In Corner Gas: The Movie, this has changed, as Lacey and Brent have indeed been a couple for several years.)