"Oh Baby!"
Season 1
Episode 4
Air Date February 11, 2004
Directed By Henry Sarwer-Foner
Written By Brent Butt & Andrew Carr
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"Oh Baby!" is the fourth episode of the 1st Season of the series.


In an effort to impress Lacey, Brent agrees to babysit Wanda's troubled six-year-old, Tanner, and the town takes an unusual interest in the outcome. Brent uses his time with Tanner to develop his nurturing side but the results are painful, mostly for Brent. Eventually Lacey does come to Brent's rescue but not for the reasons Brent thinks. Meanwhile Oscar does his best not to destroy the gas station in Brent's absence and Hank tries to deal with his own disturbing memory of babysitting Tanner.


  • Tanner himself is never seen. All scenes involving him were shot from first-person perspective (Tanner's).
  • During the flashback scene (to when Oscar ran Corner Gas), there is a modern-day Canada Post mailbox outside the window.
  • At the end of the episode, when Brent is trying to guess Lacey's middle name, "Sunshine" is one of the names he tries. Sunshine is Gabrielle Miller's actual middle name.

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