Oscar Leroy

Date of Birth: unknown c. 1948

Parent(s): Mother, Father, Unnamed

Spouse(s): Emma Leroy

Children: Brent Leroy

Sex: male



Oscar Leroy is generaly a town crank, though has a soft part for things such as cats. He is Brent Leroy's father, but rarely shows it. He dislikes clubs, dispite the fact that he made one himself. He has tried to make his home a B&B before, to no avail. He also had a weak belief that cookies go well with beer. He is often seen complaining about something. On a few occasions, Oscar has been hired by Corner Gas, which he was the original owner of. However, he always seems to argue that the old way is better, notably with cash registers.


Oscar calls almost everyone he meets a jackass at least once, even family and friends. This is usually because they have made him angry or annoyed in some way, but he also gets enjoyment from it. At the end of the final episode (You've Been Great, Goodnight) it states that "Oscar Leroy went on to say the word "jackass" 1,275 more times...and counting".