Wanda Dollard
Wanda Dollard
Gender Female
Birth April 16, 1968
Family Tanner Dollard (Son)
Unamed Uncle
Unamed Aunt
Cousin Nora
Occupation Gas Station Attendant
First Appearance "Ruby Reborn"
Last Appearance "You've Been Great, Goodnight"
Cause/Reason "End of Series"
Actor Information
Portrayed By Nancy Robertson

Wanda Dollard is a quirky cashier at Corner Gas, and the self-professed smartest person in town. She has a sardonic and caustic personality and often enjoys lording her knowledge over others. After the end of the series, she pursued a Ph.D. in theoretical physics though she still works at Corner Gas, albeit with a pay raise.


  •  Wanda is also one of very few residents of Dog River who has gone to university; she holds a degree in linguistics with a minor in comparative religion but took classes in many other subjects as well.
  • She is shown as having a case of mild agoraphobia in one episode.
  • Wanda is the single mother of a six-year-old son, Tanner Vincent Dollard. (Tanner's father has never been named on the show but is implied to be Hank Yarbo; when approached about this, Wanda laughs it off, but doesn't deny it outright.) In Corner Gas: The Movie, Tanner is in his late teens, and is looking for colleges to attend. He is not admitted to any of them, and ends up working in Northern Canada, making enough money to send his mother on a cruise.
  • Wanda's birthdate (April 16, 1968) was given in the episode "The Accidental Cleanist" when her driver's license was shown onscreen. (The date originally read 1966, but was altered to read 1968 so that Wanda could be the same age as Brent and Hank.)